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XO Fly Line


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The XO is Vision's most advanced fly line. It has our STD™ taper making it one of the easiest casting all round fly lines. This provides outstanding control when shooting as well as carrying a long line out at all distances. The STD™ taper also enables roll casts and mends like the classic DT line. XO has a super slick and strong HiFlo™ coating. It also features varying hardness coatings in different parts of the line; the head being softer allowing you to push arrow shaped tight loops and the running line being harder for carrying extra-long overhangs and ultimate shootability. Due to XO’s long rear taper and the fact that the line casts well no matter how much head is out we felt that the line doesn’t have to be two-toned. The fly line has small loops on both ends and clear markings of the line weight near the tip of the line. At the request of coastal anglers, it is also available as SloMo. Phthalate free.

  • STD™ taper
  • Super slick and strong HiFlo™ coating
  • Varying hardness coating
  • Floating, line weights #4 – #9
  • SloMo, line weights #6 – #8
  • Small loops on both ends
  • Clear markings of the line weight on the tip loop
Line Size Head Weight Head Lenght Total Lenght Density Item #
WF4 13,5g / 208gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO4F
WF5 16g / 239gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO5F
WF6 18,5g / 285gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO6F
WF7 21,5g / 332gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO7F
WF8 25,5g / 392gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO8F
WF9 29g / 446gr 16m / 52,5ft 30m / 98,4ft Floating VXO9F