XLV Mama

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MAMA #8-9 has a proper disc brake package, a real large-arbour design and an EVA handle which provides a solid grip even in wet conditions. All moving parts are greased with SKF’s water resistant bearing grease.The Mama reel has a bold appearance with its red colour and black details. It fits perfectly all our pike & predator rods. The brake is powerfull enough for inshore saltwater use and it tames the northern predators with ease.
  • Large arbour
  • V- or heraldic V- frame design
  • Smooth disc brake
  • Built in counter balance
  • SKF bearing grease
Line Diameter Volume Weight Capacity Item #
#4-5 Nymph 95mm 57cm3 120g Tane WF4 + 40m 20lb backing VLV56N
#5-6 Nymph & Dry 105mm 63cm3 131g WF5 + 50m 20lb backing VLV56ND
#7-8 Kust 105mm 100cm3 135g WF8 + 130m 20lb backing VLV78K
#8-9 Mama 109mm 114cm3 160g WF9 + 130m 30lb backing VLV89M
#8-9 Switch 109mm 140cm3 170g Hybrid 19g + 150m 36lb backing VLV89S
#9-10 Lohi 114mm 178cm3 237g Hybrid 25g + 200m 36lb backing VLV910L