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Erinomainen hakku nopeaan liikkumiseen vuorilla, teknisissä maastoissa joissa saattaa olla jonkin verran jyrkkää jäätäkin. Hyvä peli esimerkiksi teknisille alppireiteille
  • New handle for Winter 2017
  • A lightweight, versatile tool for the technical alpinist
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy head allows for 2 configurations: adze and hammer
  • T-rated chromoly steel pick and T-rated 7075-T6 aluminum alloy shaft (CE-UIAA type 2)
  • 3 part handle can be optimized for different conditions
  • Interchangeable steel spike has a hole large enough to clip a carabiner for use with lanyards

The X-Light takes the same quality forged components and profiled geometries as the X-Dream and X-All Mountain tools, but simplifies the shaft to make it the most suitable axe for low-angle terrain typical of light and fast technical ascents. Two different head configurations (adze and hammer) allow the tool to be perfectly optimized for the objective. The single-curve shaft is optimized with the angle of the pick for solid performance on alpine ice and for use as a cane. Carabiner holes at the head and spike accommodate traditional leashes or lanyards. The new 3 part handle can be assembled in the precise way that fits the terrain being climbed with an upper pommel that can be repositioned without tools. It also increases mechanical resistance to the specific stresses on each part of the handle. The hammer and adze components have been shaped for a comfortable grip and the pick does not have teeth near the shaft to further increase comfort and help limit wear and tear on gloves.



520 g, 18.4 oz


ID: 2519
Size: 50 cm
Modular Head: Yes
Pick Material: Chromoly Steel
Shaft material: 2.5 mm 7075 Alu
Spike material: Chromoly Steel