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Camp X-ALL MOUNTAIN on tekninen hakku jää ja mixed kiipeilyyn. Erinomainen valinta teknisille alppireiteille ja jääkiipeilyyn kun haluat monikäyttöisen hakun jonka swingi on erinomainen.


  • Optimized pick angle and tooth configuration climbs all angles of ice remarkably
  • Interchangeable head components make switching between an adze and hammer or replacing picks simple and affordable
  • Interchangeable grips come in three varieties for leashless, leashed and alpine or snow climbing. They all bolt onto the shaft with one screw and because of their dual density molded construction, they dampen vibrations and insulate remarkably well
  • The spike is large enough to grip on low angle glacier ice and has a hole large enough to clip a carabiner for use with lanyards

The X-All Mountain tool is simply the best — and we say simply in the most sincere way possible. It is not an overly complex design. It is ‘simply’ a perfectly-balanced, fine-tuned, high-quality ice climbing machine. Due to its simplicity, it climbs all angles of ice with much more fluidity and consistency than other modern tools. The profiled pick and perfect head weight make it the best tool for thin ice where it penetrates aggressively with minimal impact on the ice. We have increased the size of the main pommel on the handles to provide an extra four millimeters in width and length for use with thicker gloves.

For climbers who have experienced the frustrations of pick bounce, ice bashing and shoulder fatigue common with the more aggressive mixed tools or more classic style tools, we encourage you to swing the new X-All Mountains. Once you do, there will be no going back.

Ref. Product name Weight Modular head Pick material Shaft material Spike material CE Logo
g oz EN 13089
2990C X-ALL MOUNTAIN - Hammer 571 20.2 Chromoly Steel 2.5 mm 7075 Alu Chromoly steel Type 2
2991C X-ALL MOUNTAIN - Adze 575 20.3 Chromoly Steel 2.5 mm 7075 Alu Chromoly steel Type 2