Water Repellent Natural 400 mL

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Water repellant natural 400 ml - MADE FOR WOOL, COTTON AND POLYESTER BLENDS Instructions: Clothing article should be clean and dry. Shake bottle well before use. Spray the article as evenly as possible. Let the waterproofing soak in for 15-20 minutes. Dry off extra waterproofing with a damp cloth. Dry the article with help of a warm iron, warm air, sunlight or similar. Washing directions for the fabric MUST be followed. Empty, clean, and close the spray nozzle if you will use the bottle again. If the wa terproofing is not sprayed on evenly, the article can become discolored. This is easily removed by washing. The products are free from fluorocarbons and do not contain propellants that contribute to global warming or CFC gasses that destroy the ozone layer.

Weight 410 gr. | Model nr. 9602-16

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