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TPU Waterproof Case for XL Smartphone

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Sea To Summit TPU Waterproof Case for XL Smartphone vedenpitävä pussi isommille, älypuhelimille. Kätevä pussi on läpikäytettävissä älypuhelimien kanssa ja siinä on tuplasulku vedenpitävyyden takaamiseksi.
This waterproof case is sized for larger sized phones and will let you use your smart phone in any condition you may find yourself in. The TPU Guide Waterproof Case is light, watertight and slim with welded seams and a double Velcro® roll top construction and can withstand extreme cold. You can still use the phone through the case, including taking clear photos. Anchor loops give you carrying options.
  • Very low profile soft case to minimise bulk added to your phone
  • RF Welded seams for strength and waterproof construction
  • 0.15mm optic grade TPU screen and camera port
  • High strength TPU construction is abrasion and UV resistant, will not crack in the extreme cold
  • Low profile zip lock plus roll top Velcro® closure is sufficiently waterproof for temporary immersion
  • IPX8 Tested (10m for 1 hour)
  • Two die cut anchor points
  • Also fits many other devices
  • PVC free, strong, flexible and durable
  • Fits iPhone® 6+
Dimensions 17 x 9cm
Average Weight 30g
Made From Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

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