The New Alpinism - Training Log

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Companion to Steve House and Scott Johnston’s best-selling Training for the New Alpinism, a planner and a workout journal in one.
Meant to go hand-in-hand with Steve House and Scott Johnston’s groundbreaking Training for the New AlpinismThe New Alpinism Training Log is a goal-setting planner and a workout journal in one. With pages to plot your program based on your aspirations, and others to break it down and record your monthly, weekly, daily workouts, this book will be your in- the-gym companion to training for any mountain ascent. Includes inspirational and motivational tips throughout. 144 pages in two-color, spiral bound for ease of use.
  • Spiral bound
  • Two color throughout
  • Published by Patagonia
  • 144 pages, 7'' X 9''
  • Printed in Hong Kong on 50% recycled paper
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