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Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp 3

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Helsportin X-Trem sarjat ovat suunniteltu kestämään kovempia kelejä, kuin edes uskalla reissujasi suunnitella. Erittäin vahvoilla kankailla olevan teltan voi tukevoittaa tuplakaarilla, ja ankkurointipisteitä on reilusti. Teltassa on myös lumiliepeet vakiona.

Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp is the sequel to the classic Svea Camp, the largest tunnel tent in the X-TREM category, and is the perfect companion for long sled trips. With four equal poles it's quick and easy to set up, and has ample headroom and sleeping space throughout - something you appreciate when the weather keeps you inside the tent.

The Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp's aerodynamic design is particularly intended to resist severe wind. Combined with solid storm flaps around the tent, strong guy lines and extra guy lines, this tent is a safe place in all weathers. Like all of our Xtrem series tents, the Spitsbergen X-Trem Camp is designed to allow double pole sets, for additional security in extreme wind.

With two entrances and two areas for gear storage you'll always have a sheltered entranceway. This also provides the exibility to store gear in one place and cook another. On longer trips with 2 or more people, you can also divide the tent space for a little more privacy.

  • 2 entrances with large vestibules 
  • 360° inner tent opening design, zipper and full width mesh vents 
  • Mesh gear loft and internal storage pockets for easy organization 
  • The Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system ensures more fresh air, better quality sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation 
  • Patented pole cup and color-coded poles/ channels make the tent fast and easy to pitch 
  • Unique internal pole channel system that provide better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions 
  • Guy line points with integrated elastic webbing to collect and prevent the guy lines from getting entangled 
  • Large opening allows for a customisable entrance, and great views. 
  • Extra strong guy lines, reinforced guy points and storm aps. 
  • Double pole cups for two pole sets. 
  • 4 equal poles for easy set-up and good headroom throughout 
  • Fold up the fabric for direct access to the inner tent
  • Poles: DAC Featherlight NSLTM (48 cm sections)
  • Fabric outer tent: Helsport Rainguard® Pro, 3000 mm 
  • Fabric inner tent: Helsport Airflow Pro 
  • Fabric floor: Helsport Rainguard®, 5000 mm 
  • Tent type: Tunnel 
  • Persons: 3 
  • Package: 24x50 cm 
  • Weight: 5,68 kg incl. pegs 
  • Pegs weight: 0,68 kg | 28 pegs 
  • Pole length: 4x330 cm 
  • Accessories: Rep. kit contains: fabric, needle, thread, repair sleeve and extra pole segment. 
  • Entrances: 2 
  • Luggage: 2