SL EVO world cup

Ilmoita kun tuotetta on taas saatavilla:

Erinomainen skimo-side, jolla pärjää kisassa kuin kisassa. Painoa siteellä on vaivaiset 110g!!!
Huom! Tuote on tilaustuote. Toimitusaika noin 1-21vrk. Jos sinulla on kiire siteen kanssa, ole yhteydessä meihin, niin selvitämme kuinka nopeasti siteen saamme.

The latest evolution of our historical race binding SL World Cup: quality, strenght, reliability connected with a winning price/perfomance ratio!

A solid engineering process leaded us to the creation of a state-of-the-art binding in terms of lightness and performance.


• Easy Entry System: new toe geometry that optimizes the boot step-in, which results extremely reactive and powerful.
• Monolink Technology 1.0: one of the toe arms does not present springs, and provides an higher clamping stifness in addition to a lower weight.
• New Lever Design: the new front lever design provides a more comfortable activation of the same, adding a seat for the pole tip stabilization during the front release. The lever now presents a wider leash hooking hollow for a simplier insertion of the same.
• The toe fits with the SRA optional crampons slot.
• Adjustable Heel Cover: the ATK® heel cover presents an adjustable rotation hardness system to provide the perfect stability during the years.
• The “U” spring is shaped out from titanium to assure estreme lightness combined with resistance.
• RACE SETTING: the side release (Mz) and the vertical release (My) of the binding are fixed at a certain value (ca. 8 Mz e 9 My), defined in the years by our athletes team to be the best balance between safety and stability.

RELEASE:  Race Setting
ADJUSTMENT: Optional Plates


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