Ski Touring In Romsdalen

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SKI TOURING IN ROMSDALEN guides you to 50 summits in one of the best ski touring regions in Norway. Some of them are popular classics, while others are less well known.

Some are accessible, others remote. Some steep, others gentle. All of them, however, can give you unforgettable experiences.

The book gives detailed route descriptions of ascents and descents in several areas. It includes aerial photos of the summits. 

You never ski the same mountain twice. Conditions change with weather and season; fresh snow can be a blessing, but it can also spell avalanche danger. When the sun is shining in spring, some slopes should be avoided while others are ripe for the picking. This book recommends where to ski and, just as important, when to do so.

Halvor Hagen (b 1971) has lived in Isfjorden for over 20 years and is a passionate skier and rock climber. A certified NORTIND mountain guide, he has been working in the Romsdalen area for the past fifteen years.

Author: Halvor Hagen
No of Pages: 202
Page Size: 150 x 220 mm
ISBN 10: 8293090278
ISBN 13: 9788293090274
Publisher: Fri Flyt As
Published Date: July 2014
Edition: 1st ed: July 2014
Binding: Paperback
Illustrations: Full Coloour Throughout
Weight: 400g


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