Running Beyond

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Whether the adventure occurs on the twisting trails of the world's mountain peaks, in the intense heat of desert sands or the gritty demands of rocky paths, running far and running hard is all about the journey.

The sport of ultra pushes the legs, heart and lungs through some of the world's most incredible locations, testing both body and mind to the limit. 

Ian Corless has travelled across the globe to document the stunning beauty and incredible routes of some of the world's most iconic ultra trails. From a hard, technical route through the Grand Canyon to the snow-capped peaks of Italy's Dolomites, the physicality and intensity of the sport are brought to life through this stunning collection of photographs. 

Exclusive interviews with the legends of the sport - including Kilian Jornet, Emelie Forsberg and Anton Krupicka - describe the technical challenges and emotional experiences of running to these extreme heights and endurance distances. 

With maps and profiles for each race, and filled with striking and evocative images capturing the action and drama of the races and the men and women who run them Running Beyond is a beautiful homage to the sport of ultra. It is an inspiration for anyone who has ever dreamed of running beyond on the world's most beautiful and testing races.

No of Pages: 240
Page Size: 260 x 300 mm
ISBN 10: 1781315256
ISBN 13: 9781781315255
Publisher: Aurum Press
Published Date: November 2016
Edition: 1st: Nov 2016
Binding: Hardback
Illustrations: Full Colour Throughout
Weight: 1760g