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Steep & Icy Competitions

In steep and icy conditions a good grip can make the difference. The resistant RACE PRO GRIP is the perfect balance between great glide and a reassuring grip.

  • GLIDE186 kcal/h
  • GRIP40 g/cm2
  • WEIGHT1.200 g/m2

102 g / skin
(59 mm x 145 cm)
skin width
skin height
62 155 10-0001006205 / 155
85 185 10-0001008505 / 185

  • SSL

    Thanks to the thinner layers, POMOCA has succeeded in making its classical SAFER SKIN membrane lighter. SAFER SKIN LIGHT (SSL) is 12% lighter which means 150g/m2 kess. SSL makes the pair of skins about 60-75g lighter while remaining 100% waterproof.

  • GRIP

    Good climbing grip is very important. So POMOCA has developed a combination of materials and weaving techniques to combine glide and durability with gripping power. Proper alignment and the fiber attachment systems make POMOCA skins very stable under all conditions and for the entire life of the skin.

  • EVER DRY 3.0
    EVER DRY 3.0

    EVER DRY 3.0 represents our largest step forward with respect to the environment: this is the first skin treatment on the market which does not contain any perfluorocarbon, a chemical found to be harmful to the environment. In 2020, the EVER DRY 3.0 will be used to treat all POMOCA skins, making this the first PFC-Free skins brand!


    POMOCA has developed a new GLIDE process. With the same application technology, but a new, very high-quality GLIDE PRO product, skins with GLIDE PRO offer exceptional extra glide, which is essential for high-level competitors.


Top Fix RaceThe stretcher for competitors

Stretcher specifically designed for competitors, perfect to be used in combination with the unequalled RACE ski skin model. The product, developed with the help of the Swiss National Ski Mountaineering Team, weighs only 5 grams and features a strong 3.5mm elastic cord, a gripping system as well as an elliptic ring with eccentric holes.