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  • The lightest 10-point crampons in the world!
  • 10 points for a solid hold on steep terrain
  • Different colors for the left and right for fast and easy identification
  • Dyneema® linking strap reduces weight and allows the crampons to fold onto themselves for packability
  • Patented heel attachment designed for rapid attachment to modern A/T boots

The lightest crampons in the world and the go-to crampons for competitive ski mountaineering. The patented heel is designed for rapid attachment with the fastest A/T boot models typically made for Dynafit® or similar style lightweight backcountry bindings. The Dyneema® linking strap reduces weight even further and allows the crampons to be folded onto themselves for packability. Solid aluminum linking bars are also included for a more rigid fit if desired.

Note: Due to the decreased size of the front platform, we recommend this crampon for boots up to size uS 10. For larger boots, we recommend the XLC 390 (348).


376 g, 13.3 oz


ID: 0318
Size: Eur 36-44
Points: 10
Frame Material: 7075 Aluminum
Antibott: Optional
Binding: Rapid (Tech)

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