PowerTrail Stove Piezo Reg.

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Foldable camping stove with a lot of power

The PowerTrail stove is our most powerful camping stove, which is great if you are cooking for a lot of people. Thanks to the powerful burner and the wide flame combined with four stable pan supports, this stove is perfect for very large pots and pans. 

This is our most advanced PowerTrail Stove, with both a Piezo lighter and a valve with a regulator. The Piezo lighter is specially designed for powerful stoves and it is very convenient when you are travelling. The regulator on the valve allows you to control the flame better and the performance improves when the gas container is about to run out at the end of a hike or gets cold in the winter. This way the gas consumption will be optimised throughout the life of the container. The knob on the burner can be folded and is big enough to keep your hands at a good distance from the flame and you can even reach the switch when the pot is simmering. The pan supports can be folded when transporting the stove to make it practical and compact when carrying it around. 

If you put a lot of effort into cooking and love to invite your friends and family for a nice bite to eat, this is the perfect camping stove for you. It is also ideal for travel.

  • Our most powerful stove - 4000 W.
  • Mounted directly to the gas cylinder.
  • Stable for large pans.
  • Built-in piezo lighter designed for powerful stoves.
  • Valve with a regulator for maximum performance.
  • Knob that can be folded.
  • Four foldable pan supports. Comes with a practical storage bag.
  • Gas not included.


  • Height (mm): 102
  • Diameter (mm): 154
  • Effect (W): 4000
  • People: 1-3
  • Ignition: Piezoelectric
  • Weight (g): 140