Oval XL Lock Black

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Erittäin vahva (28kn) reilun kokoinen ovaali-sulkurengas.

Aluminum alloy oval shaped carabiner specifically developed for technical applications.

Its sophisticated I-Beam construction optimally combines strength and lightweight. The wide opening and specific shape make it ideal for use with descenders, ascenders and pulleys.

Keylock closure prevents snagging during use.

Screw gate locking system.



71 g, 2.5 oz


ID: 212304
Standard(s): EN 362/B – EN 12275/X – UIAA – EAC
Height (mm) : 110
Width (mm): 62
Gate Opening (mm): 20
Major Axis (kN): 28
Minor Axis (kN): 11
Open Gate (kN): 7
Lock Type: Screw Gate
Material: Alu