Minima 1 SL

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Vain 1kg painava Camp Minima on ykkösvalinta pyöräilijöille, motoristeille ja kaikille jotka haluavat kohtuuhintaisen ja erittäin kevyen kaksikerrosteltan.
  • Just 1 kg (2.2 lbs) including poles and stakes!
  • Low profile, single person fit for the best packability
  • Single opening minimizes failure points like zippers

The Minima 1 SL is the veritable holy grail of single person tents with all the features of a double wall tent weighing in 1 kg including poles and stakes. By reducing the diameter of the poles and switching up materials on the fly, we are able to cut the weight by more than 30%. Double wall tents are the best for regulating variable conditions on long through hikes. The main structure is full netting to provide good ventilation. Add the fly and it becomes toasty enough even for light winter camping.

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