Micron Trail Stove

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Erittäin kevyt keitin retkeilyyn. Helppo ruuvata pullon päälle ja ottaa pois. Mahtuu helposti taskuun.

Do you want a super light backpack, but you still want to bring a stove to be able to eat and drink something hot when you are out on an adventure? If so, MicronTrail Stove is the perfect choice for you. 

The stove combines low weight and compact design with performance and sturdiness. For convenience, the stove has a piezo lighter but still weighs no more than 90 grams. Despite the low weight, this stove is very sturdy for large pans. The narrow and fast flame withstands wind very well and with a PrimeTech pan it will quickly boil 1 liter of water in less than 3 minutes. The supports of the burner can be folded when transporting the stove so that it takes up the smallest amount of space. 

Bring the MicronTrail Stove on all kinds of trips and hikes when you think weight is most crucial. An obvious choice for those who need a minimal stove.

  • Compact and lightweight.

  • Piezo lighter.

  • Narrow and quick flame.

  • Boils water in less than three minutes.

  • Folds for minimum space.

  • Works best with a PrimeTech pan.

  • Storage bag is included.

  • Gas not included.


  • Height (mm): 68

  • Width (mm): 57

  • Diameter (mm): 133

  • Length (mm): 68

  • Effect (W): 2600

  • People: 1-2

  • Ignition: Piezoelectric

  • Weight (g): 90