Klättring i Bohuslän

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Bohuslan is in South West Sweden, close to the border of Norway and about an hour and half drive North from Gothenburg.

This area was pretty much unknown until the DVD Crackoholic was released. One of the locals, Richard Ekehed (from the Hard Grit DVD) invited a young Neil Gresham and Leo Houlding out to the area back in 1999 which put the area on the international climbing map.

Following on from ths publicity, the area has steadily grown in popularity, and word has trickled out it's a world class climbing destination. It remains quieter, less busy, and without the hustle and bustle of the more well-known European granite destinations (Val de Mello for example). 

Whilst Bohuslan might not have the size and scale of other destinations (it's mainly single pitch climbing), what is does have is impeccable granite. 

The easiest area to compare it to in the UK would be The Peak District, some of which is beside the sea! Replace the Gritstone with granite, the crowds with a few Scandinavians and scattered cattle and you've got it. 

Swedish language with english crag access descriptions.

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