Kid Comfort Pro

Ilmoita kun tuotetta on taas saatavilla:

Deuter Kid Comfort Pro on testivoittaja Kid Comfort III lastenkantorinkan päivitetty versio. Kid Comfort Pro lastekantorinkassa on kaikki mitä tarvitset päiväreissuille luonnossa. Kid Comfort Pro on erittäin miellyttävä kantaa, kiitos Aircomfort Sensic Vario kantolaitteen. Lastenkantorinkassa on kaikki kuolattavat osat helposti pestävissä ja vaihdettavissa, sekä rinkan mukana tulee päiväreppu pikkureippailuita varten. Lapsi saadaan tuettua rinkkaan hyvin, joten kyydissä on lapsen mukava matkustaa ja nukkua. TÜV GS turvallisuushyväksytty.

Kid Comfort Pro on päivitetty versio huippusuositusta ja useita testejä voittaneesta Kid Comfort 3 lastenkantorinkasta.

Paino: 3550 g
Tilavuus: 12 Liter
Mitat: 80 / 43 / 34 (L x W x D) cm

Huom! Kuvassa oleva juomarakko ei kuulu hintaan, vaan on ostettavissa erikseen!  


Known from household utensils, tools and toys: the voluntary quality mark “GS” for manufacturers stands for tested safety [“Geprüfte Sicherheit” in German] pursuant to the requirements of the Product Safety Act. It certifies products that pose no threat to the user if used correctly. Compliance is checked by independent inspection companies such as TÜV SÜD.

PFC free

High-performance materials with PFC-free dirt- and water-repellent impregination:
To ensure the water and dirt repellent properties, we use a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating that is safe for health and environmentally friendly and completely PFC-free. This special surface treatment causes water to roll off the outside of the textiles. This keeps the material dry and nature clean.


210D PA
This fabric has a very tight weave and despite the lower strength of 210D it is still very robust. It is tear and abrasion resistant, watertight to 1500 mm yet still lightweight.

* D stands for denier. This describes the yarn weight. 600D corresponds to 600 grams per 9000 meters.
* PES stands for polyester. PES fibres are very tear and abrasion resistant and hardly absorb moisture.
* PA stands for polyamide. PA fibres are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. They are also characterized by high elasticity and low weight.