Erinomainen varmistus/laskeutumissulkurengas. Toimi hyvänä yleissulkurenkaana lähes kaikessa köysitoiminnassa. Portti aukeaa isosti verrattuna moniin muihin vastaavan kokoisiin sulkurenkaisiin.
  • Extremely smooth belay and rappel carabiner with secure screw lock
  • Curved spine offers exceptional clearance
  • Large opening and keylock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy


Keylocking HMS carabiner with screw gate closure. The unique rounded design positions ropes perfectly for rappels and creates a very wide gate opening with substantial inner working space. Unlike many belay carabiners, the HMS Compact has no corners so ropes have nowhere to bunch. This results in less friction for smoother rappels and belays and helps keep heat to a minimum on long rappels.


89 g, 3.1 oz


ID: 125603
Height (mm) : 111
Width (mm): 76
Gate Opening (mm): 25
Major Axis (kN): 22
Minor Axis (kN): 10
Open Gate (kN): 6