Frankenjura: Band 2

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This is the 2016, 10th edition of Volume 2 (Band 2) of the guidebook to Frankenjura - the most important climbing area in Germany where there are more than 10,000 routes between the cities of Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth.
The climbing areas within Frankenjura are divided in two volumes. This second volume (Band 2) describes the cliffs of the southern part - the areas covered are Walberla, Trubachtal, Betzensteiner, Spieser, Sittenbachtal, Pegnitztal, Krottenseer Forest, Hirschbachtal, Konigsteiner, Lehental, Hogenbachtal, Forrenbachtal and Lauterachtal.

For the first time, the GPS coordinates are listed to all rocks.

Each of the areas is introduced with a short overview (in German) and detailed map showing parking and approach. Each crag has a short text (in German) giving the exact details. Each cliff has one or more drawn topos.

The introduction to the guidebook is in German, French, and English.

Author: Sebastian Schwertner
No of Pages: 560
Page Size: 150 x 185 mm
ISBN 10: 395611051X
ISBN 13: 9783956110511
Publisher: Panico Alpinverlag
Published Date: June 2016
Edition: June 2016
Binding: Paperback (flapped)
Illustrations: topo diagrams, colour photos
Weight: 930g


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