Finale Climbing

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Finale is a magic and incomparable area: wild, harsh and with outstanding scenery. These white limestone crags that emerge from the luxuriant and bright green vegetation are unique in the whole western region of Liguria.

Finale is an area to be explored that still offers, after thirty years of climbing and discovery, surprising vistas for climbers, hikers and bikers - and for anyone who wants to adventure into its valleys.

Author: Marco Tomassini

No of Pages: 806

Page Size: 153 x 210 mm

ISBN 10: 8898609817

ISBN 13: 9788898609819

Publisher: Versante Sud

Published Date: May 2017

Edition: 2nd: May 2017

Binding: Paperback (flapped)

Illustrations: Colour photos and colour topo diagrams

Weight: 1320g