Drawn: The Art Of Ascent

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After an intense and anxious vision, 'both geographic and artistic', Jeremy Collins commenced on a four-year journey, travelling in the four cardinal directions - north, south, east, west - to create art, climb new routes, and 'live out his own map'. 

But Collins is not an untethered lone wolf climber. He lives in Kansas City, with his wife and two children. While climbing, he often asks himself: 'Why am I here on this mountain instead of with them?' His answer is gradually revealed in Drawn, an intimate visual exploration of how one reconciles family, career, and personal passion. 

Collins chronicles ambitious first ascents in the United States, China, Venezuela, and Canada with climbing partners including James Q Martin, Mark Jenkins, Pat Goodman, Tommy Caldwell and Mikey Schaefer. At the same time, this contemplative dad shares his dreams and desires, and always finds a route back to his family. 

Collins's art is among the most influential in the world of climbing and is a rich and textured mixed media of pencil, charcoal, watercolour, torn paper, and photographs. Drawn features pages from the sketchbooks he kept on these climbs with hand-written text. The hardback book includes 2 postcards created by author.


Author: Jeremy Collins

No of Pages: 176

Page Size: 255 x 195 mm

ISBN 10: 1594859582

ISBN 13: 9781594859588

Publisher: Mountaineers Books

Published Date: September 2015

Edition: 1st ed, 2015

Binding: Hardback

Illustrations: 120 colour illustrations

Weight: 750g


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