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This guidebook covers some of the lesser well-known sandstone bouldering areas in France that will appeal to climbers looking for different bouldering areas in France away from Fontainebleau. 4 distinct areas are covered, which are; around Reims in northern France; the Alsace region near Strasbourg; along the Rhone valley to the south of Lyon; and around Montpellier.

In total 10 sandstone bouldering areas are described, which are as follows: 

* Reims area; Hotte du Diable, Secteur Dune, and Hotte de Gargantua. 

* Alsace region near Strasbourg; Laurenzoboulderfels, and Hultehouse. 

* To the south of Lyon; Blocs Bo, Roche qui dansent, Bois Laville, and Mas de l'Ayre. 

* Around Montpellier is Le Prieur.

The guidebook describes around 1,100 problems from Font grade 2 to 8b, which are all shown on colour photo topos, and on boulder maps. At the start of each bouldering area there is a good location map and detailed access information, along with GPS coordinates for the parking areas. English and other languages.


Author: Dario Santacroce + Tamara Guillermain

No of Pages: 288

Page Size: 150 x 210 mm

ISBN 10: 3938680229

ISBN 13: 9783938680223

Publisher: Gabro Verlag

Published Date: April 2014

Edition: 1st: April 2014

Binding: Paperback

Illustrations: Full Colour Photos + Topos

Weight: 540g


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