BeFree Gravity

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Katadyn BeFree Gravity on kätevä pussimallinen vedenpuhdistin, millä puhdistat nopeasti isommankin määrän vettä. Erinomainen varuste varsinkin basecamp tyylisiin reissuihin. Suodatusnopeus Katadyn BeFree Gravitylla on 2 litraa minuutissa.

The sleek, foldable Katadyn BeFree Gravity filter system uses gravity to get the freshest, cleanest water you can always trust. The heart of the BeFree Gravity 6L is the EZ-Clean Membrane™ offering a fast flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute. The water passes through a hollow fiber filter which safely removes bacteria, cysts and sediment with its pore size of 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm). Thanks to the water level indicator window, it is clearly visible when refilling is necessary. The practical carrying strap allows you to haul a full filter back to camp effortlessly, where it can be hung in a nearby tree. The output hose can easily be removed using a quick-release valve with automatic flow-stop, to prevent contact with contaminated water when refilling.
The capacity of the filter is up to 1000L, depending on water quality. To clean the EZ-Clean MembraneTM, just shake or swish it in water in the field or at home.
Filtered water can be stored in a separate container, bottle or hydration bladder (using included quick connect fittings). The opening of the container, bottle or bag for filtered water should be as small as possible to prevent dirt from getting in. If the filtered water is not to be used on the same day, use Katadyn Micropur tablets to preserve it.



Water source


Clear Water

Group size


1, >10, 2-5




Product type


gravity system

Output (L/min)



Treated Quantity (L)



Effective against


bacteria, cysts

Filter material


hollow fibre

Length (mm)


122 cm (Schlauch)

Width (mm)


23 cm (Wassersack gefüllt)

Height (mm)


38 cm (Wassersack gefüllt)

Weight (g)


263 g

Spare Part