Alpine Exposures

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Jon Griffith on yksi parhaita kiipeilykuvaajia tällä hetkellä. Henkäsalpaavat kuvat tuntuvat heräävän henkiin kun saat kirjan käteesi ja avaat sen.

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In Alpine Exposures, mountain sports photographer Jon Griffith presents over ten years of breathtaking photography in the Western Alps. Written in English, French and German languages, and with a foreword by leading alpinist Ueli Steck, Alpine Exposures takes the reader on a tour of cutting edge climbs deep in the heart of the Alps' most celebrated mountains.

True to Jon's work ethic the book only shows photos taken in real situations in order to offer readers an in-depth experience of the world of extreme mountain sports. Featuring shots from around the European Alps from the Eiger North Face to Mont Blanc, there are detailed captions accompanying every shot - there is a real focus here on inspirational photography not just eye candy. Scattered throughout the book are longer photo essays that showcase big or classic climbs and that deserve more than just one photo. 

The book is a photographic guide to the Alps' most beautiful climbs, ski descents, and flying terrains, and will inspire the reader to add a few more climbs/descents to their tick list.

Over the last ten years, Jon Griffith has established himself as one of the world's leading mountain sports photographers. A highly accomplished alpinist, he continues to push himself to shoot that which has never been shot before. This approach has taken his climbing and photography to a level that sees him regularly work with climbers such as Ueli Steck and embark on cutting edge ascents in the Alps, Patagonia, Alaska and the Himalaya.

Excerpt from the Foreword by Ueli Steck: 

The one thing that will always be hard for me to accept is when we pack our bags and Jon puts in his heavy camera - I'm quite a stickler when it comes to keeping weight to a minimum, and my consolation for that now is in this book. Life in the present moment is what counts. Experiences and encounters are what we keep and what shapes us. Jon's photography conveys these experiences. He captures the authenticity and spirit of these moments in time and I'm glad that he at least is keeping a record of them.

Cordee Code: CNA500

Author: Jon Griffith

No of Pages: 288

Page Size: 300 x 250 mm

ISBN 10: 1910240133

ISBN 13: 9781910240137

Publisher: Jon Griffith

Published Date: November 2014

Edition: 1st ed, 2014

Binding: Hardback

Illustrations: full colour

Weight: 2050g

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