Alpha SK 32


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Alppireppuklassikko Alpha FL repun talviversio SK 32 on yksi kestävimpiä reppuja markkinoilla. Reppu hylkii hyvin kosteutta, ja suksien ja laudan kiinnitys on helppoa. Lumiturvallisuusvarusteille löytyy omat taskut ja reppua on helppo operoidan päältä ja sivusta.

This is the new Alpha SK 32, a pinnacle of use-driven design. We took our ultralight and highly durable Alpha FL alpinist pack, and inspired by your hacks and creativity, built something new. Weatherproof, lightweight, durable AC² construction and specifically created to carry the tools necessary for safe, comfortable travel across backcountry snow, the fast and light Alpha SK 32 is perfectly sized and equipped for an extended day of ski alpinism or freeride touring. Designed specifically to manage backcountry demands, it allows modular ski carry options, separate front pocket with organized storage for snow tools, skins and wet gear, a WaterTight™ side zipper for easy main compartment access, and a helmet compatible lid. A padded back panel and internally laminated HD80 foam frame sheet give a lightweight, comfortable carry and a forward pull waistbelt adjustment for easy use with gloves. Using Arc’teryx Alpha SK Straps, or other TPU ski straps, the pack can be set up for a diagonal or A-frame carry. Snowboards carry vertically. Simpler and lighter, the system reduces weight and minimizes potential snagging by eliminating excess straps.

The Alpha SK 32 comes with two 50cm straps for a diagonal carry.

A-frame requires three additional 50cm straps (sold separately).

Vertical snowboard carry requires our longer 65cm Alpha SK Straps (sold separately).


One Size

 1.0 kg / 35 oz / 32 L

Sizing Chart:

 Pack Sizing Chart


 Backcountry Skiing / Ski Alpinism