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PIU 2 varmistus- ja laskeutumislaite

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Light Blue
Gun Metal

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PIU 2 varmistus- ja laskeutumislaite on monipuolinen varmistuslaite, joka toimii niin sisäseinillä kuin pitkillä alppireiteilläkin. Yksi monipuolisimpia varmistuslaitteita.
  • Auto-locking when belaying one or two climbers on top rope
  • Ideal combination with CAMP Nitro or HMS Compact locking carabiners
  • Diagonal cable prevents the rope from rubbing and jamming

The Più 2 has been specially designed for compatibility with single ropes, half ropes and twin ropes. Simply clip a carabiner in (specifically designed for the CAMP HMS Nitro and HMS Compact carabiners) and use it as a lever to gradually release tension. The teeth have been optimized for a wide range of rope diameters so climbers can use the same device whether they are rapping fat single lines or catching falls on skinny twin ropes.


80 g, 2.8 oz


ID: 4021

Rope Diameter Min (mm): Double 8-9

Rope Diameter Max (mm): Single 10-11

CE: No