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Crossfire Bib Shorts Men's

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The Crossfire Bib Shorts features a sculpted form which provides extra support in a riding position. The fabric in the leg panels features integrated leg grippers and offers graduated muscle support by varying the tightness. The Vapor pad is part of BioRacer’s newest generation of pads, and it’s a big step forward in terms of breathability and damping. The pad materials consist of a friction reducing, breathable top layer. 2 middle layers provide breathability and moisture transport. The main layer is where the magic happens; Evapore, which is a 3D webbing with better damping qualities. When put under stress, Evapore changes into a rubberized state, so even when it’s compressed to the maximum, it still provides damping. Moreover, this material is hydrophobic, meaning it transports perspiration. The pad remains dry at all times. The benefits are obvious. The pad remains compact. Lower center of gravity on the saddle, more control of your bike. Stability on the saddle is improved. Better power transfer, less bulk. More support with only 30% of the material.

  • Moisture wicking and quick drying properties
  • Stretch fabric for flexibility
  • Lightweight and breathable@BioRacer Vapor Pad
  • Integrated leg grippers
  • Muscle support
  • Weight 210 g (M)